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Business outline | Company Profile

ARKRAY, Inc. (formerly Kyoto Daiichi Kagaku Co., Ltd.) was established in 1960, nearly half a century ago. Since then we have been engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of clinical test devices and reagents in Japan and throughout the world. ARKRAY, Inc. has been focused primarily on diabetes-related clinical test products and is now one of the leading companies in the field of clinical test devices and reagents.

Shortly before the year 2000, we started working on an additional project that would contribute to health science. Around the same time, we were fortunate enough to have opportunities to meet with healthcare professionals including doctors and dietitians as well as diabetic patients through the development and marketing of our clinical test devices and reagents. While talking with them, we discovered the need for products that are effective in assisting in the care of diabetic patients. This inspired us to take up the development of products to meet their needs. Eventually, we began developing health foods that would lighten up meal times for people on restricted diets and foods that would inhibit blood glucose from spiking after meals.

In addition to the development of health foods including FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use), we worked with university laboratories and government institutions to investigate new dietary health food materials. We applied our experience with human trials during the FOSHU designation so that we could properly evaluate the safety and efficacy of our health foods.

Eventually, we succeeded in launching health food materials backed by reliable evidence. We place our priority on ensuring the safety and efficacy of the health food materials we provide through human trials.

Please contact the Karada Lab, Inc. for more information about our health food materials.