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Mixed herb extract | Satonaceil

What is Satonaceil?


Satonaciel is herbal extract powder from 3 kinds of herbs. Satonaciel has functions such as anti-glycation, glycometabolism improvement, liver function improvement, and so on. Satonaciel can be used as a total aging care ingredient because of former functions. We provide it as a food material for dietary supplement.


Powdered extract of herbs produced by using hot water extract.


  • Anti-glycation function by breaking down AGEs (Advances Glycation End-products)
  • Activation of enzymes which breaking down AGEs such as OPH (Oxidized Protein Hydrolase)
  • Glycometabolism improvement
  • Liver function improvement

Intended use

  • Anti-glycation
  • Aging care
  • Preventing diabetic complication

Examples of use

Supplement, drink, etc.

Recommended daily intake

100~300 mg/day

Product specification

gray-brown to brown color,
having a characteristic flavor like crude drug
Water:8% or below
Arsenic:2 ppm or below
Heavy metal:20 ppm or below
Total Viable Count:3,000/g or below
Fungi Count:300/g or below
Coliform bacteria:negative


In sealed vessel at normal room temperatures


1 kg aluminium film bag