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Satsuma mandarin extract

Satsuma mandarin extract | Cryptobeta

What is Cryptobeta?


The Satsuma mandarin extract, Cryptobeta, is produced from the concentrated residue of Satsuma mandarin, and supplied in orange paste form. It contains concentrated beta-cryptoxanthin.


Paste made from the concentrated juice of Satsuma mandarin.

Two features

  • Supplied in highly-stable paste form
  • Containing concentrated beta-cryptoxanthin (approx. 40 times as much as that of Satsuma mandarin)

Intended use

  • Metabolic syndrome risk reductin
  • Improvement of lipid metabolism

Examples of use

Drink, jelly drink, etc.

Recommended daily intake

5 g(1 mg of beta-cryptoxanthin)

Product specification

Property:paste, having a characteristic orange color
Water:90% or below
Beta-cryptoxantine:0.2mg/g or over
Arsenic:2ppm or below
Heavy metal:20ppm or below
Total Viable Count:300/mL or less
Fungi Count:100/mL or less
Coliform bacteria:negative
pH:less than 4.0


In sealed vessel at cold storage


18L tin can (19kg)