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Cryptobeta D

What is Cryptobeta D?


In Japan, Satsuma mandarin is familiar citrus fruit for Japanese and eaten for a long time. It is native to Japan and includes beta-cryptoxanthin more than other fruit and vegetables.

Cryptobeta D is produced from Satsuma mandarin pulp. It is supplied in orange powdery form and standardized beta-cryptoxanthin.


Powdered the sediment made as a by-product of Satsuma mandarin juice.


  • Using Satsuma mandarin 100% made in Japan
  • Standardized beta-cryptoxanthin (approx. over 140 times as much as that of Satsuma mandrin)

Intended use

  • Metabolic syndrome risk reductin
  • Improvement of lipid metabolism

Examples of use

Supplement, etc.

Recommended daily intake

0.5-3.0 g/day (0.5-3.0 mg of beta-cryptoxianthin)

Product specification

having a characteristic orange color
Water:5% or less
Beta-cryptoxantine:1.0mg/g or over
Total viable Count:3,000/g or less
Fungi count:100/g or less
Coliform bacteria:Negative


In sealed vessel at normal room temperatures


1 kg aluminium film bag (with desiccants)