Shiikuwasha extract | Biletin - 機能性食品素材 - アークレイ - ARKRAY

Shiikuwasha extract | Biletin - 機能性食品素材 - アークレイ - ARKRAY

Shiikuwasha extract

Shiikuwasha extract | Biletin

What is Biletin?


The shiikuwasha extract, Biletin, is produced from the extract of Okinawan shiikuwasha. fruit. It is supplied in powder form (light yellow or yellow) and contains concentrated nobiletin.


Powdered extract of Okinawan shiikuwasha fruit produced using hydrated ethanol.

Three features

  • Using Okinawan shiikuwasha 100%
  • Containing concentrated nobiletin
  • Soluble at a specified concentration

Intended use

  • Metabolic syndrome risk reductin
  • Improvement of lipid metabolism

Examples of use

Supplement, Drink, etc.

Recommended daily intake

Including but not limited to 10-45 mg(1.0-4.5 mg of polymethoxy flavonoid)

Product specification

Property:powder, light yellow to yellow color ,having a characteristic odor of extract
Water:8% or below
PMF (polymethoxy flavonoid):10% or over (Sun nobiletin and tangeretin)
Arsenic:2ppm or below
Heavy metal:20ppm or below
Total Viable Count:300/g or less
Fungi Count:300/g or less
Coliform bacteria:negative


In sealed vessel at normal room temperatures


1kg GL film bag